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 Night Bingo

Night Bingo

Night Bingo A dark and gloomy night can yield many surprises. At Night Bingo, the surprise is always pleasant, because its prizes are fantastic! Don't be scared off by the bats or the halloween pumpkins, they're just here to get you in the suspense mood and go in search of one of the 13 prizes, or maybe even a super jackpot. If you need help, the full moon will reveal up to 10 extra balls to increase your chances of winning, and if you're lucky with the help of two bonus games you can count!

Play now and enjoy!
Night Bingo

How to play Night Bingo

In this game, you can play with up to 4 cards. You will also be able to change the numbers of the active cards, for that, tap on any active card, and to close them, you must press OFF above them.

This game has 60 balls, numbered from 1 to 60. For each game, machine 40 will draw 30 balls and mark the corresponding numbers on the active cards. To start the game, tap the 'PLAY' button or the 'AUTO' button.

Extra Balls

The game can allow you to buy up to 10 EXTRA BALLS. The value of each EXTRA BALL will be shown on the raffle drum and you will need to have enough credits and winnings to buy it. The game may randomly give you extra FREE balls.

To buy an EXTRA BALL, press the PLAY button, or the draw bomb, or an empty extra ball slot.

The game does not automatically buy EXTRA BALLS. To NOT buy an EXTRA BALL, press the EXIT button.

If your credits are not enough to buy the EXTRA BALL offered, you can use the value of the prizes already won in the game in progress.

Skill joker

Randomly, during the purchase of EXTRA BALLS, you may be offered a joker, the SKILL JOKER. With the SKILL JOKER you can choose any number not yet marked on the active cards.

To select the desired number, touch it on the card. You can change your chosen number at any time before confirming it. To confirm, press the PLAY button or the SKILL JOKER itself.

Once the desired number is confirmed, the ball with the selected number will be drawn.


In this game, prizes that overlap will always be nullified by the larger prize that overlaps the smaller ones.

For example, if on a card you win a Line payout and then make a Double Line payout (formed by the previously won line and a new one), you will only receive the value of the larger Double Line payout.

All prizes are multiplied by the bet amount on the winning card, except for the JACKPOT.


The Bingo prize is won when all numbers on an active card are marked.

The value of the Bingo prize is 1500 times the value of the bet on the winning card. This is the highest prize you can win in the game, unless you win the JACKPOT.


To compete for the JACKPOT prize it is necessary to win the maximum prize (Bingo) with up to 30 balls drawn. You cannot win the JACKPOT by buying EXTRA BALLS.

When the JACKPOT is won, the game ends and EXTRA BALLS are not awarded.

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Payment methods

  • Carteira Digital
  • Pay for Fun
  • Santander
  • Pix
  • Transfer
  • Itaú
  • Caixa
  • Bradesco
  • Banco Do Brasil

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