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 Triple Bonus HD

Triple Bonus HD

Triple Bonus HD Experiment the new concept of Video Bingo on one of the most famous games in Latin America. It has arrived accompanied by its mascot, Big Eye, who increases your luck and chances to win.

This game starts with an initial draw of 30 balls, the possibility of 10 extra balls, and even free extra balls!

Twelve prizes and a jackpot await for you in this fantastic adventure.

Enjoy yourself and triple your winnings with Triple Bonus HD!
Triple Bonus HD

How to play Triple Bonus HD

  • Select the desired bet. Select the currency value of each credit.
  • There are 4 cards with 15 numbers each.
  • To enable/disable a card, click on the ON/OFF button.
  • Choose the numbers of your cards by clicking on “Numbers”.
  • Click on “Play” or “Auto” to draw the first 30 balls and start the game.
  • By clicking on “Auto” the machine is configured to autoplay.
  • The speed of drawing and volume controls can be found in the options menu.
  • You can deposit new credits while in the middle of the game.
  • Minimize your session, go to the deposits area, confirm your transaction and wait for the update which will show your credits on the game screen.

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Payment methods

  • Carteira Digital
  • Pay for Fun
  • Santander
  • Pix
  • Transfer
  • Itaú
  • Caixa
  • Bradesco
  • Banco Do Brasil

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