Terms and Conditions
Please read the following general conditions carefully.

1. Introduction

a. By using the royalplay.online website or any of its subdomains or applications, you agree to comply with all the general conditions mentioned in this document and the Responsible Gaming, Legislation, Security and Privacy and regulation sections of each particular promotion.
b. royalplay.online may make changes to the rules at any time without notice, as it deems appropriate. We suggest that you regularly review the regulation for your own knowledge and update.
c. You authorize royalplay.online to provide your data to duly authorized trading partners so that they can perform their services. Business partners must accept our privacy policy through contractual agreement.
d. The data provided to the site royalplay.online will be recorded in our database, being possible to it at any time, even after the account closes.
e. References to "you," "user," or "customer," refer to anyone using the royalplay.online site, its subdomains, or applications.
f. royalplay.online is operated by Maxxi Media NV. Maxxi Media NV. is a member of CIGA - Curaçao Internet Gaming Association, which establishes the requirements for the Gambling License. The Gambling License number is: 8048 / JAZ.

2. Registration

a. The use of the royalplay.online site is only allowed for persons over 18 years of age and is expressly prohibited for children under 18 years.
b. royalplay.online may require you to provide identity documents or proof of residency to confirm your age.
c. All information provided by the user when registering must be accurate, complete and valid. Otherwise, royalplay.online may choose to request documents again, block or cancel the account, whichever is appropriate.
d. royalplay.online reserves the right to modify the login or username chosen by the user if it considers it inappropriate.
e. It is up to royalplay.online to block or not to pay any type of prizes or bonuses if the user is under 18 years or if another player places bets on behalf of a player under 18 years.
f. It is imperative that users respect the jurisdictions of their place of residence. royalplay.online does not accept players resident in: United States, South Africa, Albania, Germany, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark Estonia, France, Georgia, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sudan, Tajikistan , Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay and Uzbekistan, by legal provision of the countries mentioned.
g. Each user is responsible for their login, password and use of their account. royalplay.online does not have a list of usernames and passwords.
h. If a user loses, forgets or for some other reason cannot access the system, royalplay.online will not be responsible, but may suggest that the client recover their password.
i. If a user shares their access data with others, the account owner will be responsible for their actions and consequences. royalplay.online is not responsible for possible damages.

3. Considerations for the user

a. Each customer can only one account. royalplay.online does not allow more than one account per player to be registered.
b. To maintain the security, reliability and transparency of the site, royalplay.online reserves the right to question and reject multiple registrations of the same player, whether or not originating from the same domicile, IP or computer.
c. If there is a suspicion that a user has multiple records, royalplay.online may request to send a copy of the documents to verify the information of the records in question. royalplay.online will determine which documents will be requested, depending on the information in the users country of residence.
d. During the process of verifying the information of the records, the analyzed accounts may be blocked, as well as the benefits of the site (among others: bonus method of payments and promotions, early release, etc.).
e. To maintain the safety of our users and to avoid fraudulent conduct, royalplay.online may require you to copy your identity documents, proof of residency, and proof of payment or credit card at any time.

4. Account closure

a. royalplay.online reserves the right to close any account it suspects without notice.
b. If the user wishes to close his account, he should send an email to [email protected], informing him of the reason and the data of the account to be closed: full name, address and number.
c. royalplay.online strictly respects responsible gambling policy. If insane behavior is detected that is not compatible with this policy, the account may be canceled or preventive measures taken.
d. You agree that even after you have closed your account, the information shared with royalplay.online will remain in your database.

5. Free bonuses to know the site (bonuses, bingo cards, free play, free bet and miles)

a. The benefits of promotions that do not require deposit can be received only once per user per promotion.
b. The purpose of these promotions is for new users to get to know the site and try out the games. The credits corresponding to these bonuses cannot be withdrawn.
c. The benefits to knowing the site are credited in only one area. It is not possible to divide or change the area.
d. Once the first deposit is made, the user loses any balance that has been generated in his account for bonuses to know the site. Except in the area of sports where the user must choose if he wants to remain with the winnings or receive the welcome bonus.
e. In order to receive the benefits to know the site it is essential to have the required minimum data complete and valid in the registration information.
f. Bonuses must be requested during the validity period according to the conditions of the promotion. Bonuses corresponding to expired or prior period promotions will not be credited.
g. Bonuses to know the site are not counted as deposits.
h. In order to withdraw Bonus, Free Play, Bingo Card or Free Bet gains the user must comply with the rollover and have at least one deposit in the previous 30 days in the same area. If the service is requested, it will not be authorized and the balance will not be returned to the account.

6. Promotional bonus with deposit

a. The bonuses are calculated according to the active promotion in the deposit area, at the moment of its release.
b. The bonuses will always be credited to the users balance in the area of the site where the deposit was made. It is not allowed to divide the bonus balance into more than one area.
c. Deposit bonuses must be requested at the time of deposit release before you to use the credits. Once the user starts playing the deposited balance, he loses the right to receive the corresponding bonus.
d. Once you have used the bonus, you will not be able to modify or withdraw it.
e. Only the bonuses that have been automatically released can be removed and the user explicitly declares that they do not want the bonuses. In this case, you must access the support chat and request to the bonus before using the balance credited to your account.
f. Each promotion will establish a minimum deposit amount to participate and obtain the benefits. This value will be specified in the rules of each promotion, and if not specified will always be considered the minimum deposit amount of $ 50.
g. Promotional bonuses have specific rollover rules. It is essential to comply with them in order to carry out any withdrawals. See item 10 for more information on rollover.
h. If in a promotion do not specify in the rules the conditions of rollover, the same will be of x10.
i. Promotions are not cumulative. If the user is eligible for more than one promotion, you should only choose one at the time you receive your bonus.
j. Machines that accept bonuses can vary without notice.
k. All bonuses are limited to just one offer per person, family, home address, email, shared computer or IP. We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend any bonuses, cards, free play, free bets or gains obtained from any user.
l. To receive any promotion in the sports area (except for the welcome promotion), the user must have at least one deposit made in the sports area.

7. Financial Policy

a. royalplay.online reserves the right to change its financial policies at any time and without prior notice.
b. Transfers between areas and between players on the site are not allowed.
c. royalplay.online uses financial intermediaries to be able to perform the transactions with the required security the accounts to carry out transactions can be changed. If deposits are made to non-active accounts on the site, after two weeks of modification, it will not be possible to identify them. royalplay.online will not be responsible for identifying these deposits.

8. Deposits

a. The minimum deposit amount on the site is $ 30 or equivalent in the account currency for bank transfer. In case of using Pay4fun electronic wallet, the minimum required is $ 100.
b. To make any deposit the user must choose the area of the site in which he wishes to have the credit available. The options are: Video Bingo, Bingo Room, Casino, Sports and their respective mobile versions. royalplay.online does not allow transfers between areas. At the time of making a deposit, the user must carefully choose the area in which to make the deposit, since later it will not be possible to transfer the deposited credits.
c. If a deposit is made in error in an area other than the one desired, the user should contact our support for the corresponding department to analyze the request for transfer of credits. Each case will be reviewed individually to determine the reasons for the request and whether or not to approve the transfer as an exception.
d. When making a deposit, the supporting documents requested by royalplay.online must be presented in order to identify the said transaction.
e. royalplay.online uses financial intermediaries to be able to perform transactions with the required security. Each payment processor sets its deadlines and rules for operations. royalplay.online is not responsible for these terms and rules nor for any delay that may be generated during this process.
f. royalplay.online may release deposits early for some payment processors, following the procedure established by the service provider. At any time during the review and validation process, royalplay.online may request the user to copy identity documents, proof of residency, proof of payment or credit card.
g. The advance deposit release has an individual limit value, calculated by the system based on the deposit flow and the financial and behavioral history of the user.
h. The release threshold cannot be modified manually. If you want to increase this limit, the user should send an email with the request to [email protected].
i. royalplay.online is not responsible for the decisions of payment processors. The provider may not enable the service for some users if it so desires, and royalplay.online will not be able to intervene in these decisions.
j. If a user has outstanding payments, any income generated - regardless of origin or destination - after the debt consolidation will be accounted for to pay off the payment of greater seniority.
k. Deposits identified or suspected of any type of fraud will not be accepted, or even will be reversed. All winnings from this type of procedure will be canceled unconditionally, and the users account may be restricted and even canceled.
l. Players with bank transfers released in trust (by sending a voucher) that are not confirmed at the bank at the same time of deposit and bank vouchers released in trust (by sending voucher) that is not cleared within the first 24 business hours (according to method will have the amount of the balance withdrawn from the account. All deposits are subject to rollover at least once the amount deposited.

9. Redemptions

a. In order to perform any redemption the user must send a readable copy of the documents that royalplay.online requests. The documents required will depend on the country of residence of the user and will be an identity document, a proof of residence on your behalf, and a selfie photo with the document. In the case of Brazil, the document may be RG, CPF or CNH.
b. It is necessary to verify that all the data provided (document numbers and bank account information) are complete and correct, to avoid delays in the payment of redemptions. The company is not responsible for the delay in the payment of a redemption if it is linked to faults or errors in the personal or bank information of the user.
c. To request a withdrawal, the user must have a minimum of $ 50 deposited on the site in the last 30 days in the area where the redemption was requested.
d. The amount deposited must have been wagered at least once. If the user does not comply with this rule, a penalty of 30% will be applied on the value not yet bet of all requested redemptions. This amount will be withheld due to processing costs.
e. For withdrawals in Sports, all deposits are subject to rollover of at least once the amount deposited, in odds of 1.5 or more.
f. For withdrawals in the Bingo Room area, all winnings are subject to comply with the rules of the Free Rounds and Free Cards, for more details, please go to the following link: https://pt.royalplay.online/bingo/sala-de-bingo/como-funciona/
g. royalplay.online uses financial intermediaries to be able to perform transactions with the required security. Each payment processor sets its deadlines and rules for operations. royalplay.online is not responsible for these terms and rules nor for any delay that may be generated during this process.
h. The form and procedure of a redemption is determined by royalplay.online. Payment will be made by bank transfer exclusively through one of the authorized banks with which the site works, and that is enabled for the place of residence of the user.
i. Redemptions will not be paid to third party accounts. Redemptions will be confirmed and paid exclusively to the account holder.
j. Redemptions authorized to be paid by bank transfer will have a maximum delay of 4 business days, as long as the requested amount is up to R $ 5000. If it is greater than R $ 5000, the delay will be a maximum of 10 business days. This term can be changed if the redemption should be analyzed by the game provider. The term of 4 working days is counted from the approval of the documents received and after any analysis that is required by royalplay.online along with its suppliers.
k. royalplay.online uses scanning software to analyze each user account for each redemption request. If any fraudulent behavior or credit from system errors is detected, the account will be blocked and the redemption will not be performed. royalplay.online reserves the right to determine what measures it deems necessary to avoid such behavior.
l. You agree that you will request redemptions from your account only if royalplay.online have properly validated all your deposits. m. Any redemption may be canceled if there is an (unconsolidated) deposit in the account. Any redemption can be canceled if it is less than or equal to 100, regardless of the currency.

10. Rollover

a. The rollover requirement is a condition set by all online gambling sites. The rollover establishes the amount in credits that the user must bet, regardless of whether the credits are the product of a deposit or a promotional bonus. Credits won for plays made with promotional bonuses cannot be redeemed until the total amount of rollover stipulated in the promotion rules is zero.
b. Some examples:
Video Bingo Example: Deposit $ 50. You win a 100% bonus (rollover x30) on the bonus $ 50. The rollover to comply will be $ 1500. ($ 50 bonus) x30.
Casino Example: Deposit $ 50. Earn a 50% bonus (rollover x50) on the bonus $ 25. The rollover to comply will be R $ 1250. (R $ 25 bonus) x50.
Sports Example:
1. Bonus: Deposit R $ 50 + 100% Bonus 50 + 50. (50 + 50) x 5 rollover is $ 500.
2. In the case of Free Bet, the rollover is calculated only on the winnings. Deposit R $ 50. 100% Freebet $ 50. 50 bet on an odd of 2.0 earnings of $ 100. Freebet Earnings R $ 50. (50) x 5 rollover is $ 250.
c. The minimum rollover for all those deposits participating in a promotion is calculated by multiplying the amount of the bonus credited by the rollover number indicated in the promotion. Except in the area of sports where the value of the deposit is added to the value of the bonus and soon multiplied by the rollover informed.
d. royalplay.online understands that if the balance is less than the minimum bet of the area, the rollover is automatically deactivated. For this reason, the user must access chat support and request that the pending rollover be withdrawn.
e. Bets placed on games in the Casino and Live Casino section will not be accounted for in the rollover calculation to be performed by each user and therefore these bets will not serve either to fulfill the requirements necessary for the realization of redemptions nor for the fulfillment of the promotion rules.
f. The previous rule applies to the following sections of the Casino area: Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker. Too, apply in the following sections of the Live Casino area: Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack and Live Roulette.
g. The system will only count the volume betted using bonus credits, once credits from deposits have been completely finished.

11. System Errors

a. Any difficulty, divergence or conflict regarding a bet must be communicated by the user to royalplay.online through the email: clientes@ royalplay.online
b. Any error caused by technical limitations on the part of the user (among others: operating system, software, browser, Internet connection speed, internet provider, computer hardware, etc.) will be the sole responsibility of the user, not royalplay.online.
c. The company reserves the right to void or invalid all bets that are subject to system error and even reserves the right to withdraw money from the user account and any winnings obtained, involved or affected by the system error. The game malfunction and any system error will void all plays and prizes.

12. Sports

Read carefully the specific regulation of the area of sport accessing in this link: https://pt.royalplay.online/sports/tutorial/

13. Miles. Loyalty plan.

royalplay.online has the first loyalty plan and rewards its users with miles. Accumulating miles is easy: play in the area you want and participate in the special promotions of the site and social networks. Meet our online store and discover the various products you can receive by exchanging your miles. Example: Tablets, TV Monitor Led, coupons for raffles of incredible prizes, appliances, daily in hotels, trips, caps, shirts, personalized gifts of the site, as well as bonuses, free bet and cards to play on the site.
a. To receive miles for promotions, you must have at least one deposit in the last 30 days.
b. In order to perform the exchange of Miles, the user must have at least one deposit in the last 30 days prior to the exchange.

14. Responsible Gaming

a. Most people play for fun and entertainment, but for some this can become a problem. To prevent this from happening, royalplay.online strictly respects its responsible gaming policy. Remembering that our main goal is to provide entertainment. In this way, royalplay.online establishes the following measures:
- Release limit
- Bets limit
- Self-limitation and Self-exclusion
- Prohibition of access to minors under 18 years of age
- Restrictions by country.
b. If you detect insane conduct on our users, royalplay.online reserves the right to block or cancel the users account in a preventative manner.
c. We are available for any query on this topic by sending an email to [email protected]

5. Forum

a. Upon confirmation of the account the user accepts this regulation and that the uses of the royalplay.online services will be regulated according to the laws of the Netherlands Antilles.
b. The user accepts that for the resolution of disputes in courts the administrative authorities and other competent organizations will be those present in the Netherlands Antilles. These bodies shall have exclusive jurisdiction and shall be the competent forum in all disputes that arise, relate to or have links to the use of the royalplay.online website.
c. Disputes arising out of breach of this agreement will be resolved by the Arbitrary Conciliation in the International Arbitration Chambers, adhering to the New York Convention of 1958.

royalplay.online Team

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