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 Champion Bingo 2

Champion Bingo 2

Champion Bingo 2 Forget all the video bingo games you have ever played and discover the innovative Champion II, one of the most different and fun games on the internet. You will play video bingo with a much better chance of becoming the big winner since this video bingo has many more numbers than traditional machines and also a much larger ball draw.
Champion Bingo 2

How to play Champion Bingo 2

Champion Bingo 2 is a video bingo game that was developed with a layout all in Portuguese, making it an easy game for Brazilians to understand. In the column found on the right of the screen, we have the multiplication value for each winning line, for example: If the player hits 3 lines, his bet value will be multiplied by 60. To start playing, the player first chooses the bet amount in the upper right corner of the screen, the values ​​of each bet can vary between R $ 0.25, R $ 0.50 and R $ 1.00. The amount of bets, also selectable in the upper right corner of the screen, can vary from 4 to 80 bets. An important note in this regard, is that with 4 bets, you compete for a Jackpot with a lower value, to compete for a Jackpot with a higher value, you must bet with a minimum of 8 bets. After the 50 balls drawn, which already give you a lot of chances to win prizes, you still have 3 extra balls, so the player can expect a lot of emotions when playing this Champion Bingo 2 video bingo. Any questions about the operation, the player can use the "Help" button, found on the left side of the screen.

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